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Do you have a copy cat?

I grew up with my mom always telling me that if you have people who try to act like you, they are jealous of you. In some way, I agree. Can jealousy be a bad thing? The answer is yes... and no.

In high school, I became friends (bffs) with this person in particular. It was great in the beginning and felt very genuine. They were the reason why I began to think I wouldn’t ever find good friends again. She would copy me in my style, my music taste, my way of texting, things I would say, etc. You may say that you are obviously spending so much time with her, and of course she is going to pick up on things you do. But I have learned to identify the bad jealousy from the good copying. She wanted to be me. She did not know who she was, and this was really draining because I felt watched the whole time. Aside from that, my secrets could not be kept with her.

This was 3 years ago, and now that I am a bit more mature, I see things differently.

When I see someone copy me, it makes me feel good. In the back of my mind, I lowkey always have wanted to be famous and influence people to be confident and creative. So if someone copies me, I take it as in "wow, I did a good job in reaching their attention, and they got inspired by me."

My influence is good! This also kind of ties into my major marketing, which has also helped me view this type of situation the way I view it now. Of course, I also take inspiration from my friends (key word: inspiration). Exactly. People who copy you are inspired by you.

Be proud of who you are because every individual is unique, meaning no one can be like you, like me, or like anyone else because our opinions and tastes are different!


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