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Does Em Have One More In Him?


This month Eminem has made headlines with his diss against Donald Trump at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards in his own cypher where he attacked Trump and his administration over the NFL protesting of the National Anthem, response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas shooter, as well, as going against his own fans who support Trump, that they can no longer be his fans in a off the top freestyles. The day after he announced he had signed Compton rapper Boogie to Shady Records, not to be confused with New York rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Yesterday his manager Paul Rosenberg posted a photo on Instagram of Yelawolf’s new album “Trial by Fire” and in the background there is a ad for a medication called Revival, with the E backwards resembling Eminem’s emblem. Additionally, if you call the number of the ad it play an instrumental resembling “I Need a Doctor” by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey with a message about seeing a doctor about symptoms which can be assumed to be Dr. Dre. All over social media there has been a lot of speculation if that is his new album title and there are fake track lists surfacing with producers and features. I’m wondering if he has one more classic in him after all this time, because to me his only classics are SSLP, MMLP and the Eminem Show where he was in the prime of his career, then he releases a disappointing album with Encore, then good albums not great with Relapse, Recovery, and MMLP2. I feel he might have one more classic album in him with this, especially with him returning to having Dr. Dre on production again. Additionally, him working with an unorthodox act in 2 Chainz, who most, including me wouldn’t think he’d work with a trap rapper. Eminem was featured on Big Sean’s song “No Favors” with him rapping over a trap beat which are the new trend. I’m hoping he has trap inspired beats on his new album, because he sounds good on them. From his freestyle and the ad, he seems like he’s going to tackle more sociopolitical topics to get his point across to his fans that support Trump, as well as some topics he’s tackled before like his former substance abuse problem. Besides 2 Chainz, I speculate he might have Boogie, Conway and Westside Gunn on his new album, to showcase the new talent he’s acquired on his label. I’m hoping after this new album he works on another Bad Meets Evil project with Royce Da 5’9. Additionally, I’m hoping for him to work with new rappers or rappers he’s never collaborated with and blackout on other artists’ songs. It’s probably the beard that he has grown that’ll make it another great album, usually some artists grow out their facial hair like J Cole and Kendrick and came out with amazing albums. All I can say is that I’m very excited what Eminem has in store with his new album.


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