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Doggy Dogg World

Briana Ross-Williams | Posted on May 03, 2019

Dogs Vs Babies?

Dogs are better than humans in every way, shape, and form. That being said, babysitting a dog is kind of cool, I guess. It definitely beats what few experiences I’ve had babysitting, well, babies. In this essay, I will explain to you the difference if my opening line weren’t enough.

Dogs Win

When babysitting (dogsitting?) a dog there is an unspoken trust that develops between the two of you. Trust that allows you to go off behind closed doors and chill for an hour or two before rejoining your charge. The dog will (probably) not cause trouble, or cause itself harm, like a newly formed human will. You can trust a dog; you cannot trust a baby.

Feeding time is a simpler time with a dog. Simply, pour their kibble into their little bowl. Feeding time for babies/toddlers/young children is… unfortunate. You have to deal with bottle-feeding, making airplane noises, or picky eaters (the worst). It is true that a dog can be a picky eater too but, more often than not, that’s not the case. It is the case for small children.

Looking after a furry companion involves walking that companion to relieve itself. No diaper changes. Yeah, like a good citizen you should pick up after a dog but its really a simple thing compared to the whole ordeal that is changing a baby’s diaper. Its obvious which is the better deal, but I’ll let my reasoning do the talking.

If that all weren’t enough then money can be the deal breaker because you can get paid for doing either or. However, when you take into account all the things that a baby requires versus what a dog needs you will begin to realize one is more of a bang for your buck (hint: it’s the dog). So, if you must babysit choose a dog, a puppy, or even a cat (which is actually the best deal but that’s for another essay). Happy Friday!

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