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  • Writer's pictureOmar Canizales Presents: Rainy Days

The creative collective founder, Beto, releases a new mix series titled "Rainy Days" for Eatworms Radio

Image Via Youtube

After a brief hiatus of the Youtube series titled, Eatworms Radio, the collective is back with a new way of delivering music. The series originally dates back 3 years, as a series where the collective would bring on various special guests, conduct an interview and play some of the guest's favorite songs. There were 9 episodes available to view with a wide array of special guests, then the series was eventually put hold on.

Now the collective founder, Beto, has returned with Rainy Days. The idea stemmed from the harsh rain storms southern California was experiencing and a new found love of making DJ mixes. Most of the mix was made, recorded and edited during the rainy days of Southern California. The mix is made to embody the feeling of the rain, but also stem some sort of joy out of it. Just because it's raining outside doesn't mean your mood has to reflect that. Beto's mix contains a variety of different genres that takes the listener on a wild ride. From jazzy select tracks with hints of bossa nova to 808 thumping Florida swampy beats to depressive 'rotting' songs that gives you all the emotions.

You can check out the mix along with its accompanying video here.

--- Omar Canizales


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