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Fall Binge List.

If you’re having a difficult time right now, just know you are not the only one. It’s fall. It’s the season to fall in love, and everywhere you look there’s a cute couple cuddled up together while you try not to fall over because of the weight of all the layers of clothes you have on. Everyone looks like they jumped out of a magazine while you stare at them in awe, wiping away your snot as it drips down from your nose onto your lips. It’s also the middle of the semester and being stressed about exams and school does not help. If you’re like me and want to avoid facing reality all together, I have the perfect list of things to watch that are going to keep you busy and distracted. Light a candle, get in your sweats and binge the season away.

We Baby Bears

What happens when a panda, a polar bear and a grizzly bear are evicted because they cant pay rent? They travel the galaxy in their magic box trying to find the perfect home, duh! We Baby Bears will make you forget all your worries and leave you giddy and smiling. The three bears are not only cute, but have their own distinct personalities which are sometimes at odds with each other, which makes the show all the more funnier. The bears take you to all these wonderful places where you get to meet mermaids and ghosts and angry fairies. I highly recommend We Baby Bears just because of how wholesome it is. You can stream the show on HBO MAX.

American Horror Story

AHS is the perfect show to watch if you love a good thriller. Season 11 recently premiered and we are 6 episodes in. The new season is set in the big apple during the

Young Royals 

I genuinely believe this show does not get the recognition it deserves. This is the perfect time to binge watch the first season as the second season just came out on the 1st of November! The show explores the contrasting relationship between love and duty, and really puts into perspective the classic saying “love is the death of duty.”

It follows the life of students in this private school where they do all the stuff you would expect private school students to do, like drugs, falling in love and recording your cousin while they are being intimate with their partner. You’ll understand what I mean once you watch it. The show does not necessarily have good or bad characters, each character is complicated in a way which is relatable, and that is what made this show stand out for me. Young Royals is streaming on Netflix.


Given is an anime which surprisingly not a lot of people know about. It explores how a band finds



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