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Fashion Inspiration from Degrassi: The Next Generation

The best outfits from the hit television show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

I am one of those people that was molded by America’s most peculiar pop culture time period, the early 2000’s. From short low waisted skirts to layered camisole tanks to baggy cargo sweatpants, the looks that were popular from 2001-2007 are the same go-to looks I now own in my closet.

I’m giving special acknowledgment to the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation. I spent week after week drooling over the television watching the students of Degrassi High School grow up, and in a way, I grew up with them. The amateur soap opera not only supplied me with pre-fame Drake and endless teenage drama, but quintessential fashion inspiration.


One cannot start the Degrassi discussion without talking about Miss Manny Santos. We were there for Manny through the sex tape, the abuse, the abortion, and the countless heartfelt breakups. Manny’s character transformed the high school girl narrative on television as she struggled with finding her identity , eventually hitting rick bottom then climbing back to the top. Throughout all the hardships, Manny was always best dressed at Degrassi High.


I remember Manny always wore the cutest velour track jumpsuits to school paired with sneakers and a tube top. I made my parents take me out to buy my very own set when I was 13.


No one can forget the time Manny walked through the halls of Degrassi High exposing her thong in an effort to be the sexy girl on campus. One of the most iconic moments in the show’s history and a true nod to the time period.

 I wasn’t always Paige Michalchuk’s biggest fan since she had so much beef with Manny. However, every so often on the show she’d pull off a classic snobby girl look I would adore. Whenever I shop at thrift stores, I search for printed tanks and cropped tees with ‘Hottie’ or ‘Spoiled’ or ‘Brat’ written on them all thanks to Paige.


Ellie Nash was always the underdog of the show; the one you secretly wanted to win. I attribute the pseudo goth phase I went through in middle school to following Ellie on the show. She wore spiked chokers, black mesh tops, fishnets, and plaid skirts with dark makeup. I used to shop at hot topic and listen to My Chemical Romance to channel my inner Ellie. I drove my parents crazy. It didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t the look for me, but I’ll always admire the way she rocked it. Now whenever I wear all black outfits with chokers, I think back to the time I spent watching her on screen.


The infamous bad boy Spinner Mason. He may not be the biggest fashion queen from the show, but I’m still hunting for army green cargo pants with a dangly biker chain. Stay tuned for my androgynous outfits inspired by Spinner.


Even though Degrassi: The Next Generation is long over, their fashion sense will live on forever through me and the other twenty-something year olds that won’t let the early 2000’s die.

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