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Featured Artist: Lindsey Stirling

Now here’s a girl who’s music style is right up my alley. Not only a violinist, but a dancer as well, she has managed to combine both in a way that actually doesn’t look stupid. With a mixture of remixes and original pieces, from classical to more dubstep beats, she’s gone from a freak-show quarter-finalist of America’s Got Talent to a Youtube sensation.

Choreographing her own performances not to mention producing and editing her own music videos (another art form in themselves!), she’s really a great example of that fact that yes, you can make yourself  famous. It just takes some talent and a bit of tech know-how.  Here are a couple favorites. The first, ‘Elements’, I not only like as an original composition, but the music video is pretty impressive as well (check out the behind the scenes video, they did everything in less than 5 days!). The other, ‘Shadows’ is well-named; it has her competing with her own shadow and features one of her only violin-free dance sequences. Enjoy!

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