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Four Reasons Why Python Is a Good First Programming Language

Krish Bavana | Posted on November 08, 2019

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Johnson Martin

My coding journey began with very little experience and as a result, I wasn’t sure whether Python was a good programming language or not to begin learning. I started coding in 10th grade, and it was the first time that I was introduced to Python. After a year, I started working with Java and then I understood the benefits of Python and why it was a great choice to begin my coding career. I recently started using Python again for my computer science class in college, which is why I was fascinated to write why it is the best programming language for beginners.

Reason one: Anyone can understand the syntax, but someone from a completely different career stream can read the code and understand what is happening in it. They might not know whether the code will execute properly or not, but they will be able to understand the piece. The structure of Python is also cleaner compared to other languages. You need exact indentations to run the code, and those indentations make the code more concise.

Reason Two: Python is open-source and free. It is very easy to download Python on your laptops or PCs. After installing, just pick a text editor and start writing a code. Because Python is an open-source language, you can write anything and sell it within the market for commercial use. The tutorials for Python are all over the internet from YouTube to Lynda (LinkedIn Learning).

Reason Three: Growth in Python is higher now, but a few years ago Python hardly seemed to exist. Now Python is one of the top trending languages in the market. As of now the market needs a lot of data scientists, and all of them need to learn Python as a base language. As a result of all the data scientists having to learn Python, there will be a lot of growth and, in return, a higher pay in the Python industry.

Reason Four: Python is good for web development, data science, machine learning, and cloud computing. If you are interested in any of those four categories, Python should be your first go, because all of them need at least a minimum level of Python. It is also good for game development and database management.

Python is everywhere and all around us. From a middle school kid to a sixty-year-old, many people are interested in learning Python. If you are still thinking about whether to give a try or no, I completely suggest learning Python. In the past ten weeks, I have started enjoying Python even more because of my CS class, and I am super confident you will also enjoy Python and explore more.


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