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Frosty Looks So Good

Welcome back!!

This week is all about the new makeup trend of looking cold.

Rosy cheeks, round faces, bright highlights and cool-toned skin. This trend reflects the weather as it has been growing ever chillier.

I’ll admit, I myself am guilty of following this trend, but it’s just too cute! I’ve never been a big fan of blush because my face is already really pink but idk bro…

The key to the blush placement is to put it on your cheekbones! Almost right below your eyes and BAM!! As well as the very tip of your nose, to give it that runny nose look.

This look also works especially well if you have a rounder or heart-shaped face, as it can nicely eventuate your cheekbones without making them too much.

Cool tones are your best friend in the winter, don’t use a lot of bronzer, if any, accept the cold, and don’t try to melt it away. I personally love the Fenty contours, and they have wonderful cool-toned products.

Thank you!!


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