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Girls Night Out: Sorry Papi Tour

An all-girls party where you can dance the night away with your girlfriends. We had the chance to attend a concert where you could dress comfortably in an all-girls environment. The energy in the space was so uplifting, and the concert was executed perfectly. Throughout our time at the Aragon Ballroom, we had the chance to capture some of the cool moments we thought we should share with all of you!

(shot by @brendismode)


DJ Chava takes over the Sorry Papi Tour

(shot by @brendismode)

DJ Chava, ShawtyBaee, DJ Kinginesse, and DJ Miriam

(shot by @brendismode)

Dancers SERVING the performance

(shot by @brendismode)

Bellakath performing in Chicago

(shot by @brendismode)

"Gatita" Performance

(shot by @brendismode)

Special Guest: ShawtyBaeeee

(shot by @brendismode)

DJ Kinginesse set

(shot by @brendismode)

Crowd Vibes

(shot by @brendismode)

"El Apagon"

(shot by @brendismode)

DJ Chava, Kinginesse and Miriam

(shot by @brendismode)


This experience was new to me. I felt safe and comfortable to dance on the photo pit and capture awesome moments like this. DJ Kinginesse and Miriam did an amazing job making the crowd feel welcomed in the space. I also enjoyed seeing ShawtyBaee, DJ Chava and Bellakath on stage.

Do I recommend this concert?


Is it okay to go alone to the Sorry Papi Tour?

- Of course! Throughout the concert, you will meet and connect with peers around you.

How long is the concert?

- 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM

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