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Got SAD?

Whether you admit it or not, Seasonal Depressive Disorder is something most people face during this time of year. Most people would rather not talk about it but, from what I experienced and heard from many college students, it’s becoming a big issue in everyday life. I have compiled a list of ways to help deal with the winter sadness.

1. Work out

It may be an obvious suggestion but working out can really help with increasing energy to get through the cold winter days. Personally, I enjoy being active outdoors but with the cold, it makes it almost impossible to be active. I found going to the gym a great way to keep my body and mind in check.

2. Try breathing exercises or meditation

It never hurts to try out simple breathing exercises. Layout and get comfy and simply breathe. Take time to reflect and let your mind follow your breathing.

3. Go see Bird’s of Prey

Feeling bored during the cold winter days? Go see an amazing, groundbreaking, and BAD*SS movie because you can’t go wrong with a movie night.

4. Drink Tea

I’m not much of a tea person but any type of herbal tea like Yerba mate helps me ease into the evening.

5. Visit a museum

When I find myself in a bored and dull mood the Art Institute never fails to inspire me. If that ain’t your thing I highly recommend visiting the WNDR museum because it’ll BLOW YOUR MIND and it can make you forget about winter depression, trust me.

6. Binge-watch a show and wrap up in fuzzy blankets

We all have a show we’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix so why not take a night in and wrap up in all the fuzzy blankets you have and just enjoy the warmth.


Nothing beats having a bed full of soft, plushy animals during the cold winter nights. Truly a cure to end all sadness.

8. Bake some goodies

Baking cookies can be a fun way to get your friends to do something other than sitting around on their phones. Whether it’s a simple recipe of chocolate chip cookies or squeezing dough out from the tube, nothing is more heartwarming than soft, warm cookies.

9. Treat yourself to new clothing

The best thing I’ve purchased this winter was a big red fuzzy coat and I suggest treating yourself to something warm and fuzzy. It can really boost your mood when having to put up with the freezing wind while rushing to class.

10. Make a summer bucket list

I like to hype myself up by creating ideas and activities for the summer. Whether it’s to venture out to new spots in the city or start a creative project, it’s something to keep you looking forward to the future.


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