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Grandma Winnie

Diamond Sappington | Posted on October 25, 2019

What would you wish for at this age?

Age is not just a number but it is a blessing. Every year we get another opportunity to make better decisions than we did the year before. If you are lucky enough to make it to be 100-years old, then you have just hit a milestone that many people won’t even get the chance to accomplish. One would think, “What do you gift someone who is turning 100-years of age?”. Well, Grandma Winnie knows exactly what she wants and its not some fancy paper wrapped gift with a shiny bow on top.

Paradigm Shift of MAGA

Grandma Winnie

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In a now viral video, the delightful, 100-year old “Grandma Winnie” has a birthday wish that she wants everyone to help her grant. The video shows Grandma Winnie sitting on the couch holding the MAGA hat and after she introduces herself she says “All I want for my birthday is for somebody to impeach this sucker” and then she throws the hat on the floor in disgust. Her reference to Trump is funny, but it also raises a lot of eyebrows as to how many white people are actually supporting Trump.

It has become a common theme to thrash anyone that is seen with a MAGA hat. For Grandma Winnie to be 100-years old, that means that she has a keen sense of the world and she doesn’t think that Trump should represent that world. If you didn’t watch the video and you just seen a screenshot of the video, one would assume that she is endorsing Trump but she’s not. The moral of the story is: Never judge a book by it’s cover because you never know what substance it contains.



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