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Ground Up’s Seventeen Eleven Tour Hits Chicago with Marty Grimes and YP [Interview]

marty grimes x ground up x yp 2015

Ground Up’s first tour, Seventeen Eleven Tour has kicked off and is hitting up select cities near you. The tour stops through to just under 20 cities, ending in Philly on November 21st… just in time to make it back home for Turkey Day. This show was a also a part of a series of Riot Fest After ShowsMarty Grimes also hits the road with Ground Up for the tour. With each stop, they bring along special guests. During their stop here in Chicago at Beat Kitchen, they had Chicago’s own Hip Hop artist YP.

yp seventeen eleven tour 2015 chicago

The crowd was definitely rocking with ya boy YP“Indica” and “Let Us Pray” had the crowd wanting more before he left the stage. YP also took a moment during his show, to get a bit personal with the audience. Sharing with everyone the joy and sorrow of the arrival and sudden loss of his baby boy. He explained how he had to take time away from music, but is now focusing his energy on his music and understanding that it is bigger than himself. Ending his segment with the classic “Who I Be (Clap)”, his break-through single, released back in 2012. It’s good to see a dope emcee such as YP back in the Hip Hop game reppin Chicago.

marty grimes seventeen eleven tour chicago 2015

Marty Grimes came through and rocked the stage. Hitting the crowd with his tracks “Famm”, “Vacation”, and “Hell Of A Night”Grimes had the everyone turnt! Keeping the fun, high energy in his music and keeping a party going. Cool thing about Grimes… what you see is what you get, maybe more, but never less. An emcee with the respect for story telling in his rhymes, and having a good time with good vibes along the way. Grimes and Ground Up collab together on their latest single “People.”

ground up seventeen eleven tour 2015 chicago

Ground Up rocked Chicago back in September at this year’s Riot Fest. And they made sure to come through for round two with their Seventeen Eleven Tour. Ground Up comes through performing tracks “Code Red”, “Meet My Momma”, and “Let’s Ride.” They were also joined on stage by Marty Grimes, performing their track “People.” It was dope experiencing the song live. Performing with a drummer that was banging out track after track.

I got the chance to catch up with Ground Up for the latest in updates. And also got the chance to chat with Grimes and YP. Check it below.


B Roc – You took a break from the music scene for a bit. And you took a moment while you were up on stage, speaking on the passing of your son. How does it feel being back at it again, doing your thing? YP – It’s gratifying to be back, because now I know I have a purpose. I know that he would have wanted that for me. So I had to take some time for myself and family, but yeah! It feels good to be back!

B Roc – What can the fans look for next from YP? YP – I’m dropping video after video, track after track, to the point that yall just gon be tired of me! I got a project I plan on dropping by the end of December, Backwood Jones 2.. so stay in tune.

I’ve really been focused on my music, cause I know the people have really been looking for my music. So I had to take time and focus on getting the music out there.


B Roc – It’s got to be fun being on tour with the homies Ground Up… tell us how it’s been. How do you feel about it? Marty Grimes – It’s been awesome! This is the first tour I’ve been on and my name is on the bill. This tour has been the plan since the first mixtape I dropped. And now we’re making it happen, and it’s with the family! Feels good!

B Roc – How did you and Ground Up meet? Marty Grimes – We met about 3 years ago, back when we were on tour with G-Eazy. And we all vibed and we all make good music… and we have been family ever since.

B Roc – Your music is high energy and turnt up! What makes you choose this style and approach? Marty Grimes – I like all types of music! But as you can tell, (laughs) I’m a fan of the turn up! I’m all about the hard energy rap… when I get on stage, I wanna have everybody turnt up and partying! I want y’all tired by the time I’m done. But I’m also a fan of slowing it down a bit. Take time out to tell em bout my life and the fam. Give the listeners a peek in to my real life, and hear it from me. Versus getting it from social media, but through song.

B Roc – Any ventures outside of music? Marty Grimes – Funny you ask… there’s a pizzeria back home that I’ve been working at since I was 15. And I got the job walking in with a mouth full of gold teeth, a jersey, and a snap back! (laughs) But the owner has been something of a father figure to me. So I’ve grown with the company, and plan on some day owning my own pizzeria! I love pizza! And I love the deep dish pizza here in Chicago!

ground up

B Roc – Seventeen Eleven Tour is live and in full effect! Tell us your thoughts on you guys first tour?! Azar of Ground Up – The tour has been amazing! We’ve been to places we’ve never been before! Getting a lot of good responses from everyone. Our show in Los Angeles sold out and our album made Top 40 on iTunes Hip Hop charts! And that’s exciting news, so we’re excited about that. Our first tour, Seventeen Eleven… it’s been great!

B Roc – Bij Lincs… tell us what you love and hate about Chicago? Bij Lincs of Ground Up – I love the architecture! And there’s always something fun to do, or get in to whenever we’re here! I hate the weather, with it getting so cold man! (laugh) It’s nice out right now though, but man it gets cold!

B Roc – Seventeen Eleven… the album is out! Now that it’s out there, how’s it feel?  Malakai of Ground Up – It’s dope!! The fans have been showing us love and support. Feels good to have the album out and seeing everybody rockin wit us. Look forward to getting more music out there to yall… so stay tune.

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!! @ Roc4Chi_City IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio 4 CHI CITY RADIO: Hosted by B ROC



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