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Holiday Misconceptions

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, but why is it that this time makes me wonder about a few things: why are guys now quieter and less confident? Is it ok for me to enjoy eating? And why is it so hard to get people gifts?

This is a girl’s perspective about a few misconceptions that are there to make our life brighter and let us dream and imagine, but are unrealistic. But what about you? What are some of the misconceptions you’ve had?  Are there some expectations you had?


As holidays approach we constantly see movies like Little Italy, Just Friends, Holidate, etc. that portrays the perfect guy who comes into the girl’s life. But why is it that today no man would go up to girls and say “you’re pretty; can I have your number; want to go on a date sometime?” Now,  men rely on social media, and this makes us girls unable to see their emotions and feelings. It’s now harder to get someone to really be present in a relationship and get someone you can actually trust in.

The misconceptions movies introduce us to are just fantasies that usually only sometimes come true. A girl doesn’t ask for someone perfect, but we do ask for more confidence. Boys tend to act differently when they are around their “bros.” This is why Avril Lavigne once said “talking to me one on one/but you become, somebody else/’Round everyone else.”

We need a man who is decisive, true to what he is feeling, and isn’t afraid to ask a girl out. A man who is interested enough to always make the girl one of his priorities and do the little things that make us feel better and nice. Men: take this as a sign to reach out to that special someone.

Weight gain:

The inevitable weight gain is also a misconception. Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are around the corner, we should be able to eat without being criticized for getting seconds. We should learn to eat in moderation but also learn to enjoy ourselves when eating. But so what if we gain a few pounds. We can fix the few pounds by staying healthy and exercising. We should be able to be confident in our bodies and ignore pointless comments.


Another misconception is that the holidays are about appreciation. Yes, holidays are to remember what we have and the value of our families, friends, and partners. However, we are surrounded by the tradition of getting a few gifts to those we love. With this being said, have you had a hard time getting someone a gift when it shouldn’t be so hard? During this time we should evaluate who deserves a gift and who our close friends are: who to trust and consider as someone valuable in our life.

The aforementioned topics might be important, but we need to be reminded that others don’t have the chance to live a life with choices or peace, or not have to think about hunger. Many aren’t lucky to have dinner and some have a hard time in life on the streets or in a shelter. So when we celebrate let’s also be reminded that we are fortunate and that there are many around the world who need a helping hand. The holidays should be a moment of reflection and a moment of giving.


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