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I Won’t Apologize, Regret Or Change This

Whenever I get a new tattoo, the most common question I get is, “what does that mean?” When I answer this question with an explanation of a band name, or something related to music I always get, “wow you must really love that band,” “what if they break up?” “you’re going to regret that” and of course the unavoidable lectures from family members about having too many tattoos and how I will eventually need to cover them up for work. Nah, I think to myself every time I hear these. Although, this picture isn’t me, this would probably be a tattoo I’d regret… just a little bit.


My Simple Plan tattoo, although I’m still a huge SP fan, is more for 12 year old Cathy. The band was an important part of my childhood and I wanted this representation on my body forever, yes FOREVER. I know what forever means, yes I’m aware these will be on my skin when I’m old and wrinkly and that’s 100% fine.


My “MCA” tattoo is to honor Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys. I’ve looked up to him since the day I started listening to the Beastie Boys. I used to write essays and create projects based on his life, he fascinated me with the way he become so caring, stopped doing drugs, and become a feminist, an activist and changed his life around. I try not to think of famous musicians as role models or heroes but, Adam Yauch was all those things for me.

Eventually, I want a large Green Day tattoo on my arm of their third album, Dookie. But, for now all I have is a green rose from their first album artwork, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. I do love bands like Simple Plan, the Beastie Boys etc. but Green Day will always be the most important and my favorite band. It’s only right to tattoo an album cover on my arm.

I also recently got a Swmrs tattoo and plan on getting a Fidlar one as well. This may sound drastic to some people, like just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you need to get their name tattooed, you’re right but it’s deeper than that for me. I also understand that for some people tattoos are just there because you think they look nice, awesome and colorful and they do. Tattoos don’t need to have a deeper meaning it’s YOUR BODY, but personally for me every tattoo I get is personal (ok except the small rose on my finger – I hate flowers but I do LOVE roses). Anyways, why get these band names tattooed like Swmrs and Fidlar? Because although they haven’t made as big of an impact in my life as Green Day or Simple Plan has, they are a part of who I am.

I am a music lover before I’m a writer, or a student. Music is everything to me and these tattoos are ways of keeping this music, the lyrics, the meanings with me forever, the feelings, the impact they have on my life. Swmrs and Fidlar are some of the bands that have helped me be okay with myself and remind me we’re all f—ing lost, and that’s okay. If one day the band’s break up, or begin making music I don’t like that’s fine because I’m looking at my inked up skin knowing at that point in my life I didn’t second guess getting it tattooed.

The meaning of my tattoos goes beyond the words / pictures you see, and no one needs to know or understand these meanings. As long as they are important to me and make me happy – they’re awesome.

I do have and plan to get more tattoos that have nothing to do with music. For example, my Chicago stars tattoo shows where I’m from, and the pride I have being a Chicagoan, the love for the city that can break my heart sometimes

Get you a girl with tattoos – she’ll commit.



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