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Icelandic Rock Band Kaleo Has More To Offer Than Hit Single “Way Down We Go”

As of late, I’ve been fangirl-ing pretty hard about the Icelandic rock band Kaleo. It all started with the songs “No Good” and “Broken Bones” off their most recent album A/B. Most radio listeners probably know this band because of their song “Way Down We Go”, but since I very rarely drive my car anymore, I also don’t listen to the radio and had no idea this song was so popular.

Regardless, “No Good” and “Broken Bones” are much better songs than “Way Down We Go”, and their album as a collective whole is even better than any of these songs on their own. This is important because A/B is an amazing album, and that is often very hard to come by. It has everything you could possibly want: a song that everyone knows and is played on the radio, so you skip over it unless you’re play through the album in its entirety; songs that are powerful and I dare even say, “headbangers”, or at the very least capable of raising body temperature; songs of the balladic type, and there’s even a song with lyrics in a different language.


The fact that Kaleo has a song in Icelandic on the same album as the hit single “Way Down We Go” is super exciting to me because there’s a greater chance that more people will pick it up. I think it’s important to be exposed to all kinds of music, and not understanding the lyrics shouldn’t deter anyone from doing so. Also, I just think it’s very cool they included the track on the album. It shows their culture and language is important to them and that they want their audience to know where they’re coming from. I also think it brings pride and joy to Icelandians having a band from they’re country see success.

This past weekend I’ve given A/B a deeper listen, and after air drumming to “No Good” and “Broken Bones” the past couple of weeks, I’ve been paying more attention to the slower songs like “All The Pretty Girls”, “Automobile”, and “Save Yourself”, which have become my new favorites. All in all, A/B is a great listen and I’m super excited for finding an album I can listen to all the way through as a work of art. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.


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