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Indie Binge: My Favorite Album of 2017 So Far

Foxygen – Hang

Foxygen originally got me hooked with their retro 2013 LP We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. The album featured dynamic song structures, vocal deliveries echoing Lou Reed, and a unique sound which was indie, California, and distinctly Foxygen. You might’ve heard their cutesy standout single, San Francisco, from the 2013 release playing nonstop in just about every Urban Outfitters. On 2017’s Hang, the band stands beside a full brass band and orchestra, and the sound is simply magnificent. The arrangements are tight, unexpected, and matured. Stylistically, Hang sounds like an exciting mix of 40s big brass, 50s Rock and Roll, 70s Pop, and modern Indie Rock. The record can sound a little bland and stylistically similar throughout, but only due to its distinct combination of sounds. The songs are thematically varied and interestingly written. Tracks like Avalon and America prove the bands rich understanding of changing feel and rhythm to create satisfying growth throughout the record. The entire LP showcases Foxygen’s dynamo rockstar energy; you can feel the showmanship through the tracks.

Standout Tracks: Follow the Leader, On Lankershim


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