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Oh, the joys of an unpaid internship never stop coming, do they?

Just wait until you hear about mine!

Well, I work for a non-profit in the near Chicago suburbs and lemme tell ya, although it is nice to be working five minutes from my house and have the option to telecommute, my job certainly comes fraught with its own special brand of craziness.

First off, I started this thing with basically none of the experience required to do the job, but since the powers that be strongly believed in ‘learning as you go’, my desperate willingness and determined smile must have done the hiring for me. 

Then, out of nowhere, my supervisor left for greener pastures. Vamoose. Leaving the newly-trained Office Manager and me (not so trained) as the head of Media. So now I get to download  Adobe Premiere to edit videos without having the slightest clue what I’m doing, organize meetings and learn the difference between aperture and shutter speed on the fly.

And of course I quit my actual job because I thought, “I am going to be SO busy between my internship and summer classes, I won’t have time to make money!” Sadly, I was right.

Thanks Mum and Dad for picking up the slack! (should’ve asked for more…) 

Anyways, it’s not really that bad. There are free lunches, good company and plenty of learning to be had. What more can a girl who doesn’t get paid ask for?

And now for the song that’s been stuck in my head all week:



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