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Interview with Phor, Sacrifice + Moment (video)


Had the chance to speak with Chicago hip hop artist Phor, before he hit the stage to perform at his listening party for his mixtape release “Sacrifice”.  This was one of the most in-depth interviews I have had in a MINUTE!!! Here’s what he had to say…

B Roc – How did you get started, what inspired you to become an hip hop artist? Phor – My friends! I have a friend that produce beats and was good at freestylin, and others were always around that rap. They encouraged me to rap, and I’ve always had a passion for music. So from there, I found through music… it was a great way to express myself. If I had something to get off my chest, I would put it on the wax. I also find myself to be a diverse rapper… through rappers like Nas, Jay Z, and Talib Kweli I found guidance in what direction I wanted to take in my music. Regardless of what situation is goin on in music… in that generation at the time… that era. Don’t wanna go too far left, or too far right… but still give the people something they can feel. Creating my music with lyrical content is important to me… cause I want the people to relate to… to feel it!!

B Roc – What’s one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Phor – I would have to say this mixtape “Sacrifice” is my biggest accomplishment. I took more time, studied, and incorporated a lot more in to this project. With the music, with promotions in getting it out to the people. I wanted to do as much as I could do in making sure this project gets as much exposure as possible. Working hard, putting all my plans in to action and seeing it all come together… I’m appreciative to all my performances in my career… but I would say, right now, this project I am the most happy about!!

@PHOReverIM IG @phoreverim B Roc – What are two of your favorite tracks off “Sacrifice”? Phor – Maaaan!!! I’m really feeling the whole thing! But if I had to choose, I would say Moment and Restless Blessings. Moment started out as just a freestyle… and just grew from there. The meaning, the feeling of the song… it has a very powerful presence! Restless Blessings is just like everything thats goin on wit me right now! I haven’t slept in 2 days!! The sacrifices I make by working… missing out on time to spend with my family… making sure they good!! But it’s a blessing to be able to provide for them! Keeping that momentum and not settling for anything less!!

B Roc – What is something that you would want the people to know about you? Phor – I want to be known, accepted, and respected as an artist! I consider myself to be very dimensional and diverse as an artist. I may come wit a different style, but Ima always give you somethin you can feel! I want people to know its ok to be an individual! Be confident and proud in who you are, and don’t be afraid to put it out there!

Phor’s mixtape “Sacrifice” is available via

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