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Well hello!

Since this is my first blog, I will give you an introduction of who I am and what this blog will be about; also what you should expect from it.

I am Aanshi Patel, a UIC Business Management student. I am a global student from India starting fresh with UIC Radio. My blog is named IRENIC which means promoting peace. Through this blog, I want to talk about issues and topics that we don’t share with our friends and family, especially regarding mental peace and calmness. 

Why this topic? I have an interesting story. This semester I started my Communication 100 class and when we were told to give self-introduction speeches more than half of my class, whom I knew by then, barely talked about the difficulties they were going through or had gone through.

That’s something I want to change.

In the country I come from, talking about mental health is a taboo and something very commonly ignored. In this country, we are supposed to be able to speak our minds and yet, there are people out there dying on the inside and fake smiling on the outside.

I’m hoping to change that through my weekly blog which will talk about positive mental health and how to open up.

I will also go through general topics of what can be done to make life easier mentally.

To have inner peace means winning 50% of the battle.

See ya!

Aanshi Patel

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