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It’s a “Rebel Era”

With a bass driven, electro-soul, and future funk feel, Griz has surpassed my expectations for his newly released album. His “Rebel Era” album falls nothing short of amazing and, even better, is entirely free. If you haven’t discovered this artist yet, I highly recommend checking out this album and his last.

This innovative album has pieced together elements of different genres very nicely. It flows well, it inspires, and it’s refreshing. With a total of eleven tracks, songs include snippets of hip hop, funk, bass drops and electronic vibes.

What really struck me about the album’s release, however, was the note that Griz wrote for his audiences to introduce the album. The progressive mindset that this artist has, as well as his hopes for change in the coming years really helped me understand why this album is so different, so uplifting and creative. This artist has molded his hopes and his voice into an album that I’m sure many people will find just as expressive, and for that reason I have so much respect for him and his work.

To download or hear his entire album visit his official website.

“In a time where words and phrases like the occupy movement, personal freedom, the NSA, riots, elections, and war are on the tips of everyone’s tongues, I can feel a shift in global energy. This is a time where classism and competition is tearing a rift in society. A time where imperialist democratic capitalism is fighting its way to dominate cultures and separate people into selfish consumers. A time where people are turning against the powers that be and are speaking out against these values. A time that is inspiring people to seek change. Its the time that we live in, an age that we created.

I wrote this record over the past year in many different states and phases. From tour busses, to bedroom studios, from green rooms full of friends and scenesters, to planes thousands of feet flying through the sky. I’ve met and worked with so many new people through the creation of this album and pushed my limits as a producer to create something challenging and dynamic. Taking every single moment that I wasn’t on stage and dedicating it to developing ideas of sound; at times, left me breathless and laid out on the floor of my room with songs on repeat – anxious thoughts melting away into space.

But thats the thing. I’ve found that music sets me free. Its up to us to use that which is most compelling and manifest a new reality. One free of apathy. A world of compassion, empathy and cooperation. A world of action of and love.

This is Rebel Era.”

– G


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