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It’s (Almost) Thriller Night

I’ll save you from the terror on the screen with these movie reccomendations.

If you’re like me, you’re a straight up coward when it comes to horror movies. You don’t like dark corners, you hate creepy clowns, and you absolutely despise jump scares — all of which are signs that you are a confirmed scaredy-cat. But never fear (unless you’re watching a horror movie), because I am here to supply you with five movies that are scary for little girls and boys, but not for you! That’s right, you too can join in on the Halloween spirit by braving a “scary” movie and (probably) not having nightmares that keep you up all night. Take it from an aforementioned coward, the following movies are just the right amount of thrill for your future thriller night.

Universal Pictures- All Rights Reserved Coming in at number one on my list is 1999’s “The Mummy”. It’s a well-known and surprisingly good tale of mummies (unlike 2017’s reboot) with equal amounts of gun-slinging action and well-placed humor.

Warner Home Video- All Rights Reserved Next, we have cult-classic “The Lost Boys” (1987). This movie follows the story of two brothers (plus friends) as they deal with a vampire problem that’s a bit too close to home.

Warner Bros- All Rights Reserved By far the “scariest” film on my list is Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” (1980). It tells the story of a family as they stay in what is essentially an abandoned hotel far away from any sign of life.

Twentieth Century Fox- All Rights Reserved Moving right along we get to “Aliens” (1986) which depicts a thrilling fight for survival against extra-terrestrial monsters. I know what you’re thinking, a sci-fi flick? Really? but this is a list for the weak of heart and those aliens can be traumatizing for a child, but not for you.

Rogue Pictures- All Rights Reserved Last on my list, but certainly not least, is “Shaun of the Dead” (2004). This one follows a group of ordinary people thrown in a very unordinary situation involving zombies. It features a large dose of humor and, combined with horror, it makes the perfect recipe. You will think so too.


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