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IVY for Vendetta

Ivy Queen - The Queen of Reggaeton

Ivy Queen – The Queen of Reggaeton

Let’s all have a little flashback to the mid 2000s when someone named Daddy Yankee became famous for his hit song “Gasolina”. It was a huge phenomenon that this blend of Spanish rap and hip hop became known as “reggaeton” during this era. Even for Latinos! Some of us had never heard of reggaeton which was more of a latin-caribbean style of music that was born in Puerto Rico. But it was not only up to the males in this genre to create body-moving beats with lyrical flows. There was and has been only one famous lady in the world of reggaeton music.

Her name is Ivy Queen. Ivy Queen is a Puerto Rican born, New York raised reggaeton singer. She has been singing since the 1990s. Now she is officially a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She has shaped the male-dominated reggaeton genre by rapping and singing on personal experiences and from the female perspective. She has challenged the male society within her music by questioning why some men act or are a certain way or do certain things, so one would certainly suggest that she does put guys in their place.

It’s not all bad though! The diva’s love songs on the other hand are definitely touching and something that girls in love can relate to. Nonetheless, whether she is singing on heartbreak, “female empowerment, infidelity, and relationships” [as Wikipedia claims] she is still “The Queen of Reggaeton“.

It is definitely interesting that she was coming into fame during the rise of this genre. She embraced her identity as the only female within that industry and would express this through her physical appearance. Previously she would wear tight or sometimes revealing clothing, her hair braided or long and styled, and remarkably long fake nails, but it was good to see that she was comfortable in her own skin and had this “I don’t care what people have to say or think of me” sort of persona and tough attitude. Ivy Queen has always radiated confidence and strength.

As of recently, besides tending to her duties as a new mother, she has revealed news that she will be releasing her 10th album titled “Vendetta”. This album is said to be featuring an “urban, bachata, salsa and hip-hop album and will be sold as a package in all four formats” [as stated in a Billboard interview with the diva herself]. The other artists and “reggeatoneros” featured on her new CD are: Vico C, J Alvarez and Andy Montañez. “Vendetta” will be in stores on February 3rd.  Take a listen to some new music and classics by Ivy Queen below.

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