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Jazz Cartier – Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Jazz Cartier Riot Fest 2015

Jazz Cartier, Hip Hop artist and Toronto, Canada native, made a memorable  introduction on the Hip Hop scene earlier this year with his hit singles “Set Fire” and “Dead or Alive” that made waves. His mixtape Marauding In Paradise is a banger and he is currently on tour. And amongst the stops Cartier recently made his way to Chicago.

Jazz Cartier riot fest 2015

Cartier hit the Rock Stage at Riot Fest Chicago Sunday, September 13th, with a fire performance that may have left the stage in flames!!… figuratively speaking of course.  Out of the three day festival and carnival, Sunday was the driest…  alleviated of rain, but raining the entire weekend.

Jazz Cartier Riot Fest 2015

That didn’t stop Jazz from tossing water on to the crowd, making his own rain. Followed by a glorious leap from the stage to crowd surf. The crowd also broke out in to a mosh pit, moshing and yelling lyrics word for word! Jazz Cartier had it turnt to the max on a early Sunday afternoon.  It’s always dope to see a dope artist give a dope performance! Can’t wait for him to make his way back to the Chi.

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