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Kanye Is Really All About You. I Swear.

Unless you live underground with moles you’ve heard about Kanye West and all the controversy he stirs. From his hot lyrics to his hot wife this man is on fire (pun intended). You’ve then also heard how “he loves himself more than anyone else”. After going on a Kanye kick for the past week, I’ve came to the epiphany that this simply isn’t true. Mr. West literally has a song for your every emotion and situation you’ve been through. And lucky for you, this blog post will go through each.

You have a big interview this morning. Naturally you’re nervous, maybe you’re sweating a little extra, but don’t for get to remind yourself “You are champion in their eyes”. Ok so maybe your future employers don’t see it that way YET but they will. Kanye is literally telling you that you should feeling like number 1 BECAUSE YOU ARE NUMBER 1 AND YOU KNOW IT. “Champion”

A tale as old as time. You get in a fight with your significant other because they accuse you of being a little too flirty with that person who is just “a friend”. Ye understands your frustrations (but you are 100% faithful and your partner has nothing to worry about) and he even wrote a song about it. Try playing it for them, Kanye has a way with words that you just don’t.”Paranoid”

There is not doubt in my mind that you are the hottest of the hotties. However you would like to be more physically fit but lack motivation. Fear no more, Kanye West is making sure you stay in good health and will motivate you at any cost. “The New Fitness Plan”

You got a bad grade on a midterm. Your bf or gf dumped you. You’re going through tough times financially. Mr. West is here to sympathize and uplift. Basically he is saying all your life experiences make you, the incredible person you are. “Everything I am”

Bad times don’t last forever am I right?! Because you went to office hours to meet with the professor and slayed that next test. And what else? YOU GOT THE JOB YOU INTERVIEWED FOR. Now go get change for a 20, singles preferably, and throw them in the air because this is the “Good Life”

Enjoy all that Kanye has to offer. Don’t always believe what you hear. BUT do let me know, did I miss a crucial West song? Tell me of a Ye song you like to listen to!



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