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Kanye’s Waves of Fury

Last Wednesday Kanye West blew up twitter with the news of the name for his new upcoming album, Waves, everyone was giving Kanye so much love for the announcement, but it was one negative comment that caught Kanye’s eye. Rapper Wiz Khalifa decided to voice his opinion about the album’s name on twitter, and it wasn’t positive, and Kanye was not happy about it. All of a sudden Kanye blew twitter up with tweets against Wiz, it was madness.


This twitter feud was so bizarre I don’t know where to start. I shouldn’t even call it a feud, Wiz only made two or three tweets about the whole thing, it was more of a feud between Kanye and Kanye. Kanye barely talked about Wiz’s comment about the album, he was acting like a high school bully making fun of his clothes and what he does. I was so confused, what does his pants have to do with anything (seriously his pants?!), how did Kid Cudi get involved? You know when you’re in an argument and you get mad and start saying “well first of all and second of all”, and then you’re done, Kanye was so mad he went all the way up to “40th of all”……. Out of the blue, Wiz’s ex wife and Kanye’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose got into it with one tweet that shut everything down. I’m not going to get into that tweet because I’m a student and I don’t think I should talk about that on my school’s website for obvious reasons, but if you want to know, I’m sure you’ll find it everywhere (that’s all I can say about that).

Kanye West has always been a little crazy but he truly showed what it means to go from 0 to 100 real quick, but then back to 0 in ten minutes. If anyone wants to start something with Kanye, Kanye will win, we know that and Kanye knows that, let’s hope Wiz Khalifa doesn’t talk about him for a while. The highlight about all of this was that Meek Mill got a little bit of a break. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next, because it’s Kanye, and Kanye will be Kanye, if we think about his past controversial media attention,and I’m sure Taylor Swift can agree, he won’t stop doing what he’s best at. Being Kanye.


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