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Last month, Kat Dahlia “My Garden Tour” made its stop at the Portage Theater here in Chicago, IL. The tour kicked off in New York, NY. Nov. 14th. The tour hits 18 cities and made its final stop in Phoenix, AZ. Dec 12th. Check her website, for more details and info on everything Kat Dahlia. Ever since I heard her break through single “Gangsta”, Kat has had my attention. Through her music, she fearlessly expresses her vulnerability and strength, wearing them both on her sleeve. Using life experiences and struggles as fuel and inspiration in her song writing. Embracing the complexity of all emotions, pain, love, passion, happiness, sadness and so on. Choosing to name her upcoming album and tour “My Garden”… just like a garden full of a plethora of flowers… each are different and represent different emotions. Be on the look out for Kat Dahlia’s album “My Garden” to drop January 2015.

The crowd went crazy from anticipation, as she arrived on stage. In between performing her songs, being sure to share a story, or situation in her life which steamed as inspiration for each song. The gritty, raspy, harshness of her voice has been known to be a bit on the heavy side for some… but I believe its perfect in her expressions of passion and pain. Vibin wit the crowd, relating to moments of heartbreak in her past with the ladies in the audience. The venue was big, but with her persona, the show had a very “close and personal feel” as if it were just you, her, and a few others.

“Clocks”, “Gangsta”, and “Mirrors” are some of my personal favs. As she performed “Mirrors” she walked on to the speakers set in front of the stage, sat down and reached out into the crowd, shaking hands with excited fans. “Mirrors” is also a personal song, letting everyone at the end of the day… we are all the same. Seeing her in interviews and seeing her live on stage, she is the same girl… what you see is what you get. A fearless artist, who believes in living life in the present, embracing all that comes… good, bad, ups, downs, and everything in between. Expressing it in song and sharing with the world.

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