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Katsual conversation on Drama: K-Drama that is.

DISCLAIMER: spoilers ahead

Let’s have a casual conversation this week on drama. No, not the gossip filled drama that everyone is probably thinking of, today I’m talking about K-dramas, more specifically Love ft. Marriage & Divorce. I usually cover foreign language dramas and general entertainment on this blog so, in keeping with that theme, this recommendation is for drama lovers, those who love gossip, deception, romance, revenge, and high intense situations with suspense on what will happen next.

The show centers around three women in their 30’s all linked through workplace friendship and all facing turmoil in their marriages. All three marriages are in three different places in life and yet linked by disloyalty and pain. One woman has been married for a mere three years and has completely disregarded the idea of ever having children, another woman has let her marriage fall into comfort after years of commitment, and our final protagonist works hard at keeping her marriage alive by being loving and maintaining the image of a perfect life and perfect family.

The show grabs viewers attention right out of the gate with it’s use of great attention to detail and engaging themes. However, what will really hook you into this show are the questions you will ask yourself while viewing. How far would you go to preserve your marriage? What would you be willing to gain or lose in the process? Throughout the show’s three seasons, we see our main protagonists discover that their seemingly perfect husbands are perhaps not as perfect as they believed and face the reality that no matter what they could have done, no matter how perfect they became, it potentially would not have prevented their partners from becoming unfaithful. It questions the durability of matrimony and the commitments we make to others in the long-term. But it also grapples with how far some are willing to go to maintain their images in the face of the public while being discontent or suffering in private.

This show does revolve around infidelity and cheating but it also contains elements of extreme sickness, death, and murder, just as an additional disclaimer. If these topics aren’t enough to deter you however, I highly recommend adding this show to you watch later list for some downtime viewing.



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