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Keeping Up With Kez


Kez The Dude is a 20 something, multi-genre influenced musical artist who is also a student at UIC.  His background is in music business but he is also a traveler, an active performer in the city of Chicago and definitely an artist in the way he presents his compositions.

During my most recent interview with Kez, in February, I was able to discuss his most recent travel to the United Kingdom during the winter semester of 2016.  He described it as being very hard put into words. “you know its like a whole other world over there.  Its difficult for me to say how my experience was because I’m still working through some of the relationships.  However,  I am certain that this experience was life changing.  Its greatly impacted my music.”

Being an active performer in Chicago’s music scene, Kez is rather familiar with my co-host, W.ILL.  W.ILL described Kez’s involvement at a popular open mic scenes:  “man, when I saw you perform at the Music Garage, I was like, man he has soul and he is so smooth though.”  I decided to speak to live performances I had caught from the talented performer as well, “Kez, your music is much different from most contemporary Pop music because it has multiple movements.”

Kez, ever the modest musician revealed a light smile but passes the glory to his collective, “I’m just blessed to work with Jules (his videographer) and to be able to record with such talented individuals.”  And I co-signed his statement because his music video for his song Lone is nothing short of a perfect union.

The reason I describe Kez as an artist after my own heart is because culturally we have alot of similarities.  We’re both African-American men who find our strength in bringing understand through Experimental Contemporary HipHop.  We both feel a bit alienated by most of the cultures we find ourselves immersed in professionally, academically and passionately.

However, those obstacles and differences never dilute the message we believe supersedes the struggle.  The ultimate truth!  If you believe in ultimate truth and freedom then I would strongly recommend you give Kez The Dude a listen.  You’ll get something new, something smooth and something worth highlighting the loop option on your iTunes.

Kez – Lone:


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