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Ken’s Declassified Campus Survival Guide: Episode I – Staples

Ken Brown | Posted on March 01, 2019


I’m pretty sure there’s only one stapler in this entire labryinth

Ken’s declassified campus survival guide

C Stop

C Stop

Hi, I’m DJ Ken, A.K.A. that young old man, and the host of The Blacker the Berry radio show. When? Tuesdays at 8 to 10pm. Where? Only on UIC radio. I’m not that much of a writer, but due to the fact I am required to blog, I have decided that I will just have a small series of blogs that will try to help out UIC students. How well will this series help you? The UIC student who I assume is reading this will probably state it won’t help that much. Despite all of that, lets go ahead and make an a** out of you and me.

Stapling Troubles

The first entry of these blogs is reserved for the student who needs something stapled in a hurry no matter where they are (but really if you’re in just a few places). As a college student, when you have an assignment that must be handed in, it has to be typed and stapled. Most people will say just go to library. Those people have a point. But, if one so happens to find themselves near the bat cave (Burnham Hall, Adams Hall, and Taft Hall) instead of going all the way to the library, you could just head into Burnham hall. Go on the second floor where there is a room referred to as a library, which is right across from the African American Cultural Center; the same people who also happen to run it. They have a stapler there that one could use.

But wait there’s more: if you find yourself in BSB and need to staple, don’t worry. You could go to the C-Stop to staple your stuff to your heart’s content.

If you are in SCE (Student Center East) you could to the commuter center or to one of the many computer labs they have. Chances are that if your in a open computer lab that is never really used for classes on campus there is a stapler there. My last piece of advice would be that sometimes if you making your way past a office with a receptionist area, you could just ask to use their stapler. Of course the answer is not a guaranteed yes, but on the other hand it’s also not a guaranteed no.

If you have made it this far and are wondering if you’re going to get more specific directions to the places I’ve mentioned, don’t wonder any longer because you will not be getting more specific directions. Part of the thrill is the journey. I put a lot of thought into this: exactly 3000000000 nanoseconds of thought to be exact. Hope this helps!


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