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Ken’s Declassified Campus Survival Guide: Episode II – Computer Labs

Kenneth Brown | Posted on April 22, 2019

Ken’s Declassified Campus Survival Guide: Episode II – Computer Labs

Hey, guess who’s back. Yeah, it’s me, DJ Ken, A.K.A. that young old man. And if your wondering, yes I am the host of the UIC radio show The Blacker the Berry. When? Tuesdays at 8 to 10 pm. Where? Only on UIC radio. In order to continue to be the host of that show and use the marvelous space provided for me I am required to do something I’m not that good at or that fond of, blog. As I told you in my last entry of the series I have decided that I will just have a small series of blogs that will try to help out UIC students. Will this series actually help you out? I believe it will, but if it doesn’t that’s not my problem. I just have to keep pumping these out so that I can do what I actually like doing. So without further ado, let’s get into another entry of Ken’s Declassified Campus Survival Guide.

The last entry of this series was about finding a place where one could staple their papers no matter where they are on campus; well… at least on east campus. Since we are towards the end of the semester and this is a time where all students are coming to class and are on campus taking up space in most of the computers labs I go to I decided this series entry should be dedicated to computer labs on east campus. I’m hoping this would provide you with some helpful information and have you guys disperse a little more. If you’re asking yourself “why would he tell me about computer labs in places I don’t know about? Wouldn’t he just go to those places himself?” Well, I’m a creature of habit and I like the labs I go to. I just want a spot open for me.

First, let’s start with what I said in the last entry which is I will not be giving very specific directions. Part of the thrill is the journey. Now, the first place I will talk about is the library. There are literally open computers and printers you can use everywhere. Ok next, in BSB there is a computer lab within the basement of BSB and there is also the C-stop which has open computers and printers one could use. Moving on to SCE there are at least, from my count, 3 open computer labs. One is on the 4th floor, another near the dorm entryway, and another in the commuter center all with printers. If there is no room in the one on the 4th floor I believe one could use the smaller computer labs just for typing as long as there isn’t a class taking place. Next, would be Grant hall. Grant hall has a computer lab on the third floor. Lincoln has small computers on the desks outside the classrooms. For the bat cave, in Taft hall, the Asian American resource and cultural center have computers anyone could use. In Adams Hall, the African American resource and cultural center has a space they refer to as their library where anyone could use their computer. In Burnham hall, there is a computer lab in the basement. In SEO there is a computer lab on the 12th floor.

If you have made it this far, I hope that you learned something new and can use this information to your benefit. There are even more computer labs and spaces with computers that you can use. This isn’t the complete list of them all on east campus, just know that I pick from my tenure at UIC. Again I hope this helps you and if it doesn’t, well it’s all I got so bye.


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