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Keshi – Always EP

Amidst this entire nightmare of a year that we have all collectively been having, many have turned to music as a form of relief from the insanity. Singer-songwriter Keshi recently released his newest EP, titled Always, on October 23, which has brought some relief and comfort to listeners amid a stressful atmosphere. Always lets listeners take a more in-depth look into this young artist’s body of work and his more personal feelings which are laid out within this album.

“Talk” – Always EP

Keshi himself has stated in a recent post promoting the release of the new album that “Always concludes the EP trilogy I’ve been making for the past couple years, and I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life.” He goes on to talk about how he wanted his body of work to represent him as an artist and give his audience a sense of his creative output. “I wanted Skeletons, Bandaids, and Always to be an introduction to who I am as an artist. Now that they’re done, it’s time to start working on the album.”

“B.Y.S” – Always EP

With this EP Keshi continues his style of melancholy romanticism that has predominantly defined his sound as an artist. However, fans are also given a chance to hear the new sounds that he has been experimenting with during his hiatus through these new songs and the inclusion of a special music video, which was extremely well received by the fanbase.

“us” – Always EP

If Keshi has shown his fans anything through his work and commitment to his fanbase from humble beginnings, it is that we have even more to see from him as an artist and an individual. If you haven’t yet given Keshi a listen, I would highly encourage delving into this EP, as it holds great promise.


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