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Kickin it with The Kicky Mickys

I was lucky enough to interview The Kicky Mickys who will be participating in UIC’s Battle of the Bands this year! Name doesn’t ring a bell? Well read this interview to find out more!

How did you start your music career?

 I’ve been playing the piano since I was five and the cello since I was nine, and I used to play in a band in high school and with other music ensembles in my high school. Beginning last year, I started recording some tracks on my own, and I asked Matt if he wanted to play drums on some of my tracks for UIC’s Battle of the Bands!

Love the band name, how did you come up with it?

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out a band name, but a good name kept eluding us. We finally settled for The Kicky Mickys. “Kicky Micky” is actually an Indian phrase that denotes laughter, kind of like “Ha Ha.” I believe that term is known as onomatopoeia?

How long have you two been in a band together/where did you meet? Give us some background!

Matt and I went to high school together, and we actually used to play in rival bands back in the day. One year, Matt’s band won the judge’s vote at our high school’s battle of the bands, while my band won the audience vote. Both of us used to play in the school orchestra together. A few months ago, after hearing about UIC’s upcoming Battle of the Bands, I asked Matt if he wanted to play drums for some of my songs. We started jamming in December.

 What are some bands that inspire you?

 Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Night Beats. I really like their blend of psychedelic rock and R&B. I also listen to a lot of hip hop. Of my favorite hip hop artists, Edan inspires me the most.

What would you classify your music as?

That’s a good question. Originally I was trying to find a medium between rock and roll and live instrument hip hop, but I think the music ended up sounding more like psychedelic rock.

What images do you think your music conveys?

 I think it’s different for everybody. I try to evoke some surrealism with the lyrics, but hopefully people can relate their own experiences to the music.

Who writes the songs?

 I write the songs. Jamming with Matt is great since he’s a jazz drummer. He definitely adds his own spin to all of the songs.

What do you see for your band in the future?

I really like the entire minimalist style, but I think I would like to add a guitar to the ensemble. It opens the door for more possibilities!

Now that you all have some background, go and listen to them at UIC’s Battle of the Bands! I listened to a clip of them on YouTube, the link is posted below, and I was blown away! Hopefully you’ll see them live at UIC’s Battle of the Bands! 

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