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Kuma’s Pupdate: Celebrating Our First Month Together


As you might have read, I recently made a wonderful decision to bring home a puppy, and a whole month has already passed us by.

Normally, a month’s worth of time drags—especially to a college student in their last year of undergrad—but raising a puppy has been a 24/7 gig, and this exhausted dog mama’s sleeps have been blending together.

Nevertheless, having spent one month bonding and building our relationship warrants a celebration, which is precisely why we went on an adventure yesterday!

My favorite way to celebrate any special occasion is with dessert, preferably first, so our first stop was an easy choice.

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Did you know Starbucks will give you a free treat for your furry friend if you bring them through the drive-thru with you?  You do now. Your dog (or cat?) can enjoy a mini cup of whipped cream the next time they’re accompanying you in the car. Just ask your neighborhood barista for a “puppuccino”to make your pet as adorably messy as Kuma.

After Kuma devoured his treat, and I telepathically transposed my coffee directly into my stomach, we went for a  walk at my favorite local nature trail. Why a nature trail? Well, we were celebrating more than our one month-iversary anniversary.

Kuma is up to date on all his puppy shots which means we can go on actual nature adventures (stay tuned for more of those fyi) instead of just the quarter mile of side walk around my neighborhood.

Though he made a valiant effort, staying hydrated along the way, Kuma pooped out after about two and a half miles and napped for three hours, cutting our celebration short.


But I think that meant he loved his special day.




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