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Lil Debbie Hits Chicago, Home Grown Tour x Right Now Tour [Interview]

Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie’s Home Grown Tour recently made a stop in the Windy City, turning up at The Abbey in Chicago. The tour hits up 10 cities, with Greensboro, NC being the last stop on Nov 13th. While in Chicago, Home Grown Tour joins forces with Right Now Tour to bring you a crazy line up of Chicago artists. Sisi Dior, Landon Battles, Keish Keish x Chesley Krischelle, MBK Twins, Asa Asa, Phor from Vh1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago, and more. Members of the 9Mag also came through to rock out with Phor.

lil debbie

Lil Debbie hits the stage, starting off with her well known track “Squirt.” Keeping the crowd rocking with her, she goes on to perform “Hustle Hard”, “Break It Down”, “Let’s Get High” and a host of others. She even invited a few of the fans up on to the stage to party. But later escorted them off stage, once she noticed the tweaking was on lack. Once the show was over, she stayed to personal meet fans face to face. Taking pictures and selfies, and autographing posters. Giving happily awaiting fans the full Home Grown experience. I got a chance to speak with her briefly after the show… check it below.

lil debbie the abbey chicago 2015

B Roc – With your tour, Home Grown, making it’s way to Chicago, how do you feel about it? Lil Debbie – It’s great! I was in Chicago once before… some years back, but some sh*t happened where the show got shut down… so I couldn’t perform. So tonight was my first real performance in Chicago.

B Roc – How did you feel about the show? Lil Debbie – I thought it was a good show, and a good crowd. I feel like the crowd could have been turnt up a little bit more. But I get it. When your high, and smoking weed it’s kinda hard to turn up… but yeah, they showed  love.

B Roc – What’s something you have to before you leave Chicago? Something you can’t leave without… Lil Debbie – Well, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the food out here. So I need to find or hear about some good f*ckin eats and check em out. (laughs) Cause I like to eat!… and sleep, and smoke!

(Below are music videos of a few of the artists a part of the line up for Chicago’s show.)

S/O to Swank PR and #HelloHipHop

lil debbie home grown tour 2015
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