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Llena mi tacita: The Wonders of El Cubanito

Buenos dias mis tacitas!

Early this semester things weren’t going great, so I decided to get some food with a friend from a Cuban place that they recommended, El Cubanito. What else do you do when you feel like your life is falling apart except get good food with good company?

I’ve had food from this place before, but I vaguely remembered it so I was excited to see what revisiting this experience would entail. I ordered myself a chicken sandwich with a side of fried plantains cause you know they slap.  On the way home, I stopped by a convivence store to get a drink; I got a Sidral as it is my comfort drink.

Keep in mind, throughout my entire commute, I could smell the food wafting through the air so I was already salivating by the time I was ready to eat.

That First Bite

When I took that first bite of that sandwich, there was an immediate explosion of flavor. There was so much going on that I was locked into that moment of me and my meal. It was also a moment when I realized I did not make the healthiest choice with my drink. Did I make a calculated decision? No I did not. Was is a delicious decision? Yes it most defiantly was. You know how I know it wasn’t a calculated decision but a delicious one? Because the first thought that popped into my head when I began to eat was: “Diabetes in my blood, serenity in my soul.” So that can give you an idea of the amount of flavor and spices that are packed into this restaurant’s food. According to my friend, it looked like layers of stress melted off me like butter.

Humans were not made to live past the age of 73, let’s be honest here

Speaking honestly, if we had a choice between a natural death and a bomb meal, which you choosing? You know which way I’m heading. As I always say, “I’m here to have a good time, not a long time.” This is a good place for when you hit a particularly low point and need a pick me up. If you want to go there more consistently, I’m not here to judge or stop you. In fact I’ll be the one to say, “Do it. You deserve a little treat.”

Overall, El Cubanito is a bomb place, and I highly recommend y’all to go check it out. To my knowledge, the restaurant doesn’t have their own website, but if you want to check them out still here is their phone number to call and place an order: (773) 235-2555

It was such a peaceful moment in my life and that doesn’t happen often. It all came together perfectly, like that last breath before you die.

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