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Looking for friendship? Or more?

“So I definitely met the coolest guy on Tinder”.

“Ahh that’s so cool! Wait, what? What is Tinder”?

Tinder. A simple to use dating app that is used by several people in the US, and even in different countries now. Based on your location, it finds people near to you and you anonymously select yes or no depending on if you are interested in the person.

How it works? Simple. Tinder simply asks you to log into your Facebook to access your information, (Your first name, age, some photos, and some of your interests on Facebook). Then it finds people who are nearby you, who have the same interests, and even some who have mutual friends with you.

If you like a person and if they like you, it’ll tell you that you have a match and a chat box will open up in order to get to know the person more.

However, if you are not interested in one person and if they are interested in you, you will never know. It only tells you when you both like each other.

I mean Tinder is not just for relationships and hookups, if you want, you can use it as a way to make friends with people nearby. You never know who will surprise you.



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