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Love is Blind | Season 1

It is bonkers to me what this whole show's premise is: to meet someone without seeing them, get engaged and then get married all in one 6-week period. When I began, I was shocked to see people getting engaged after 3-5 days of knowing each other.

Even though I kept watching, I kept getting surprised at how these people were falling in love after no time at all, and then getting more surprised when I found out that 2 of these couples were still together.

Lauren, Cameron, Amber and Barnett are still married, and going strong even 3 years after the show. During the heat, I did not think Barnett and Amber would say, "I do." Barnett is the typical frat boy who said he was known for fumbling women, to Amber who came off as super aggressive in the beginning and at the reunions.

When I saw that he said yes to marrying her, I was surprised and baffled.

On the other hand, however, when Lauren and Cameron got together, I was not thrown off at all. They were the first couple to propose, had no significant arguments, and had a lot of chemistry on the show. They were very clear about their feelings at all points in this process and seemed to continue this clarity in their relationship even after the show ended.

Season 1 was a whirlwind, with each episode averaging around 40 minutes; I have spent much time on this show and do not regret it. The concept is very out there for a reality show with tons of room to fail, but the content is entertaining.

The people they picked were not short of drama or emotions. From beginning to end I was entertained and I would suggest if you're looking for something to watch while you're bored because I will continue to do so.

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