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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – White Walls ft. Schoolboy Q, Hollis

This song seems appropriate with the insanely amazing weather we are experiencing in Chicago. The sun is out–there is no snow, rain, hail, sleet, or any outrageous weather that we have had to endure this winter. As temperamental as the weather can be here, when the weather is FINALLY bearable, everyone is cruising through the city with their windows down, flaunting a sparkly clean car with the works!

Aside from ‘White Walls’, I think all of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ album, THE HEIST is great. I listened to a portion of it last week–I got hooked thanks to Pandora! Not only are his beats creative but his lyrics are meaningful. I can appreciate a song with substance instead of the same none sense, profanity infused Top 40. I just don’t understand how those hits become so popular and yet it took Macklemore a few EP’s to reach such high praise. Well deserved I guess.

Other hits to take a listen to are Starting Over and Same Love that are pretty deep. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely weather (while it lasts). I kid. Maybe.


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