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Making – and Breaking! – a Record

With the recent release of his new single ‘Lazaretto,’ Jack White managed to make a world record for fastest record release ever – considering he is the only one ever to attempt it.


Jack White, with the help of his band, recorded the new single ‘Lazaretto’ and a cover of Elvis Presley’s song ‘Power of my Love’ all under four hours.

The songs were performed live and recorded behind the scenes, where they were immediately transferred onto a 2-side vinyl record and sold to the attending fans.

White also released another single titled ‘High Ball Stepper‘ earlier this month.

While the full album is not yet finished, the full Lazaretto EP will be released this upcoming June 10th.

You can also watch a recap of the man working his magic here.

So what do you think of Jack White’s new single? Are you impressed by his ability to miraculously create a record in less than four hours? Comment and tell me what you think!



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