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Malafacha Ska on the Gentlemen Hour!


As the summer winds down we have created a checklist of things we need to do before the end of the summer, and frankly the end of our lives.

Here’s a quick summary of the most important things we’d like to accomplish. 1. Sky Dive 2. Wrestle 3 bears (we’ve only wrestled two) 3. Become President of the world 4. Eat ten bowls of lucky charms under thirty minutes 5. Have Malafacha Ska at UIC RADIO

This week we can check off on one of these goals. WE HAVE MALAFACHA SKA COMING TO UIC RADIO!

I’ve been to a good share of concerts in my lifetime and I can guarantee you that there is no other band in Chicago that can make a crowd go nuts like Malafacha Ska. As soon as the trumpets start ringing, the people start pushing, shoving, and punching… The dynamic and energy is downright amazing. Hopefully they can play us a tune this Friday…

I’ve been aching to punch Mike Goebel in the mouth for quite some time.


June 21st Friday 2-4pm




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