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Mauricio Ramirez Tycons Art Exhibition

This a little different from what I usually write about but this is a really cool event that is coming up next month that I encourage everyone to come out to. I will be in attendance.

Mauricio Ramirez is a local artist from Berwyn. He studied at the University of Illinois at Springfield and he is currently an artist in residence at Lacuna Artist Lofts in Chicago. It’s located in the Pilsen Neighborhood and not too far away from UIC campus. He puts together urban art that includes “tagging” and “throw-ups” from the graffiti culture.

May 9th he will be hosting his first solo art exhibition at Lacuna Artist Lofts and the great Chuck Inglish will be providing a DJ set for the event.

This exhibition is called Tycons. On his website the event is described as follows,

Today, we hear a lot about school closings and school shootings, about teachers losing their pensions or positions, students drugged so they’ll sit still and told that their sick, if they can’t. Elementary school is no longer a place of innocence and hope in our cultural imagination. We associate school with discipline and standardization, with tests that frustrate the goals of the test-takers and makers alike. In the midst of this tumultuous atmosphere around our schools, artist Mauricio Ramirez is offering a respite of celebration. His upcoming exhibition, Tycons, invites us to remember school as a place of innocence, free exploration, and self-discovery. On May 9, visitors will be invited to play freely in a world of lockers and chalkboards, cartoons and notes to crushes, writing paper and paper airplanes. Running throughout Mauricio’s work is the image of the three-line paper used across the country by students first learning to write. As so many lines around schooling are becoming increasingly rigid, the iconic image of the writing paper could carry an ominous weight. Yet the story Mauricio tells about these lines is a story of structures that invite transgression, instead of punishing it. In Tycons, lines are not tyrannical boundaries but friendly supports for seas of joyfully, hyperactive letters. Writing, as drawing, escapes the requirements of standard meaning to express amazing diversity and un-standardizable individuality. While the compositions are jungle-dense with color and form, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are satisfyingly crisp. This is a world of synergies between chaos and control. It pays homage to the teachers who taught the artist to write, probably never guessing those first structured mark-making lessons would lead him here. Writing, as drawing, transcends its lines, but remembers them as its first inspiration.

I went through his portfolio of work on his website and found some great work from this individual. He incorporates a lot of different concepts into his art and it looks cool. Below are some of his work but you can check out all of his work on his website if you’re interested.

Nothing better than Super Mario!

The Great Homer Simpson!


Again this is only a smart part of his work you can check out his Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter for more of his work alongside his website. Below is a promotional video for the event. The song played in the video is by Chuck Inglish who will be providing a DJ set at the event. Another great reason to come out and have some fun.



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