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My Friend Once Told Me (A Poem)

He said pineapple is his favorite fruit 

and he used to eat it until his mouth hurt

He said he holds back his laugh

because he was told he was too loud as a kid

He said he doesn’t like birthdays 

because he feels like a kid stuck in an aging body

He said he gets high because 

it makes being himself more tolerable 

He said he doesn’t like the month of April 

because he feels like half a person 

He said he’s lost a lot of friends

for a lot of different reasons

He said it doesn’t bother him 

but he lies a lot 

He said he doesn’t like phone calls 

because he doesn’t like his voice

He said he doesn’t like getting crushes 

because love has never called back 

He said he doesn’t like to take himself seriously 


well he doesn’t want to get into all of that actually 


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