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“My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” – Why You Should Watch It

The past few days have been very exciting for anime-lovers due to the premiere of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. The movie adaptation of this famous anime series is directed by Kenji Nagasaki who is also in charge of the on-going “My Hero Academia” anime series and the first movie – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Fans had high expectations for the new movie because Nagasaki is famous for a lot of works including the “Gundam Build Fighters” series. After seeing the movie, I’m glad that it reaches those high expectations. Here is a small, non-spoiler summary and a mini-review for the movie. 

“My Hero Academia” is an anime about a “quirkless” boy named Midoriya who receives a superpower called “One For All” from the number-one hero – All Might. The story revolves around Midoriya’s journey of becoming the number-one hero. Subsequently, the movie takes place after the fight between All Might and All For One (the supervillain). Midoriya and his classmates in U.A. High School are assigned to work as contemporary heroes on an island. This is where they have to face one of the most dangerous villains in the series – Nine.

First of all, I have to say this movie contains arguably the best fight scene in the “My Hero Academia” series. The composer, Yuki Hayashi, has done an excellent job on the movie’s soundtrack. Even with a limited number of songs, the use of music in the movie was efficient and emotion-provoking. From time to time, shounen fight scenes appear to heavily depend on heavy sound effects. However, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising focuses more on the animation details and emotional soundtracks. Hence, this brings some fresh air to a relatively repetitive style of animation in the shounen category. 

Nevertheless, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising does contain some drawbacks compared to the first movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. I would say this movie was made for fans of the series rather than the public since the story is more heavily based on the current knowledge of the series. The first movie seems to be more public friendly. However, this doesn’t make the movie worse than the first one. In fact, I think the second movie is way better than the first one. Thus, I would recommend you watch a couple of episodes of “My Hero Academia” before watching the movie. It would enhance your watching experiences and you can fully enjoy the movie. 

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