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  • Mick Clegg

My Semester on Tape

Around the end of February I uncovered my Samsung camcorder that I used all throughout my childhood , and the tune that played when I turned it on immediately struck me with nostalgia. I knew it would be perfect to document my semester with friends as the weather got warmer.

I collected a bunch of clips and organized them into a few edits that I made on a free editing service. The camera naturally has a grainy filter that brings a sense of nostalgia to the videos, which I love. It makes me feel like we're in a TV show or movie montage. I highly recommend getting a cheap camera or camcorder to gather memories with friends.

I truly loved my time this semester and I think these videos reflect that. Shoutout to everyone featured - love you all.

Be sure to watch with your sound on!

Beach Trips with Friends

Song: "Welcome To Japan" by The Strokes

Early Semester Shenanigans

Song: "What You Were" by The Drums

Rhode Island Trip

Song: "Oysters In My Pocket" by Royel Otis

Have a fun summer and listen to Car Radio next semester!!


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