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NBA All-Star Weekend


For most, this weekend is about celebrating love. Everyone will take out of their busy lives to truly acknowledge the love they have for their significant others. This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and most people will by busy this weekend in preparation of this momentous occasion. However, I really don’t have anyone special in my life, but that doesn’t mean that this weekend has any less meaning for me. This weekend is the NBA’s annual all-star game, where the National Basketball Associations’ best players come together for the whole weekend, participating in games and contests that test their basketball skills, and as a true basketball fanatic, this weekend is one of the highlights of the season.

The All-Star weekend consists of events such as the dunk contest, the three point contest, and the All-Star game, which happens to be on Sunday, is where teams consisting of the best players from each conference play a game. This All-Star game is loaded with talents, that clearly promises to be an amazing game.

So while everyone else is out enjoying their special times with their loved one, I’ll be in my living room, watching the game I love.

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