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Newsflash: Think Less, Do More


…in which case, this probably should be a very short post 😛

You know how stressful it gets when you KNOW you need to start making a habit of something? It could be going to the gym, or eating right or not doing your homework last minute, getting up early…Whatever the case, there’s always this point where you’re standing on the edge of that cliff, looking down at the stupid habit you need to work on.

All you have to do is jump.

But what do you do instead?

Talk about it, that’s what.

Mull over and ponder and obsess over it.

Which of course means that you end up talking yourself out of it.

I do this ALL the time. I think “I really have to do this, and this and that. So tomorrow I’m going to follow this ridiculously long list and I’ll be good!”

Of course, I end up sleeping in.

Point being, it’s good not to think sometimes. Better to just close your eyes, shut your brain off…

…and effing DO it.

Now, obviously, don’t apply that concept to major life choices (unless you’re a chronic over-thinker, like me), but worrying yourself silly about something and then not doing it at all is no way to live.

But enough talk. It’s music time.

Here’s another completely unrelated song that I love to keep everyone company as they head out for Friday night!

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