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No Advance

The music industry is a pretty cutthroat business to say the least. Often times, artists are so eager to have their names being put out there that they will sign any record deal in hopes that it will yield a lucrative future. Many artists put in a lot of underground work but don’t see the fruits of their labor, especially not at the beginning, because they don’t read the fine print. One artist who has been speaking out about this is GOOD Music rapper, Big Sean.

Big Sean (back), and Kanye West (front). Photo Courtesy of MTV.

In a recent interview with Fat Joe, Sean talks about how much his first advance was and the reason why Kanye West signed him to the label. Sean says, “My first advance was $15,000 bro. Kanye just signed me because he heard me rap”. For the past 10 years, Big Sean has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with both on the mic and on the charts, but there’s just one problem: Kanye West owes him 3 million dollars. With Kanye recently announcing his billionaire status, one would think that Mr. West should be able to pay his debts. Recently, Ye went on a rant about labels controlling and owning artists, but it looks like he’s not practicing what he’s been preaching. Kanye said that he would give all of GOOD Music’s artists 50% of their masters back, but he has yet to follow through with that. Kanye has yet to speak on Sean’s claims but hopefully in due time he does right by his artist.

The moral of the story is, please know what you are getting yourself into when you put that pen to that paper and sign your life away. Reading is fundamental but so is comprehension. Big Sean has hopefully taught all artists a powerful lesson about signing contracts and what can happen if you don’t learn the business.

Big Sean Said Says The First Advance He Got From Kanye Was Only 15k

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