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NOBUNNY’s smokin’ LP “Secret Songs” Out NOW


When your mother is “half jack-rabbit”, and life is a continuous whirlwind of cheap thrills, tight leather jackets, and even tighter briefs, you’re NOBUNNY, and you like to perform raunchy rock n’ roll with a lot of heart.

Don’t let the tight briefs fool you, NOBUNNY knows how to stir up a crowd.  Listen to Secret Songs with open bunny ears, you’ll instantly feel the the tight jam of a moshpit, causing someone’s cold cheap beer to be poured down your back.  NOBUNNY is just as refreshing as that spilled cheap beer.  Simple, fun, makes you want to make regrettably bad decisions and do it all over again the following night.  The new single, “Little Bo Bitch” is just as steamy and packs just the same punch as the dangerous female creature it describes.

The kids want rock n’ roll, and NOBUNNY has it in his tight briefs package.  Catch the action and come spill your beer on me November 9th at The Subterranean.

A taste of NOBUNNY LIVE.

The Best NOBUNNY interview you’ll ever watch.  WARNING: Contains FUN and sexually explicit bunny.

New Single, “Little Bo Bitch” off Secret Songs.


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