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Not Ur Honeypie: Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

As many of us know, there is a very important holiday coming up. It’s a time to celebrate love with our significant other and buy them nice things and take them out to dinner as you each express your adoration for one another.

It’s also a day that the rest of the singletons of the world want to vomit their brains out from seeing lovey dovey gushyness everywhere.

Can you guess the holiday? Valentine’s Day.

not ur honeypie

I, for one, will say it: I think Valentine’s Day sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally down for being happy and celebrating love with your significant other, but the whole idea of this one day being so important for a couple’s love is rather exhausting…especially for those people don’t have a significant other to celebrate it with.

However, this is not a day to be bitter and sad over.  This is not a day to feel sorry for ourselves and down in the dumps. That’s just what the Hallmark card sales want you to think. We must not let them think they got to us.

Instead, we are going to remember that love sucks anyway! And in order to do so, I’ve created my very own playlist, titled “Not Ur Honeypie: Anti-Valentine’s Day 2015.”

With this playlist, filled with a selection of rock, pop, rap, and alternative, you will feel empowered throughout your day this upcoming February 14th as you jam out to anti-love songs every time this lovey-dovey holiday threatens to make you want to throw up candy hearts.

With that, I hope your lonesome Valentine’s Day does not suck. If it does, put on this playlist and buy yourself your own flowers and chocolates on sale the next day.



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